Ars Electronica 2021 Garden Thessaloniki

MindSpaces Garden

Ars Electronica is one of the biggest new media art festivals in the world. MindSpaces will be part of Ars Electronica Festival of 2021 with activities related to its technologies, digital artists and artists in residency.Thessaloniki Garden will host the MindSpaces project, funded by the European HORIZON2020-STARTS program. MindSpaces is an endeavor that brings together artists and scientists in order to tackle societal and urban city design challenges by leveraging the inspiration of the former and the technological innovations of the latter. People experience the built environment differently according to their social, cultural and economic background. The variety of this experience requires consideration if we want all users to feel that a particular space or place belongs to them. To this end, MindSpaces seeks to transform the practice of architecture by integrating the full diversity of how people experience and behave in the spaces we design through innovative, artistically-driven digital technologies. With the use of virtual reality, biosensors, artificial intelligence, algorithms and simulations, design decisions may be taken with regard to a detailed understanding of the users’ preferences and collective behaviour.MindSpaces Garden will host a) a teaser of an upcoming exhibition showcasing the research of the Open Call artists in collaboration with the technical partners of the MindSpaces consortium b) the ZHA Workplaces.AI interactive app, which allows each user to generate their own workplace environments by manipulating design parameters to simulate how a crowd of workplace “agents” behaves within it and experience it immersively and, c) an online meet-up that will bring together the artists and architects of the MindSpaces consortium.

Art-Technology-Architecture (Live Discussion)

CERTH (GR), Refik Anadol (TR/US), Maurice Benayoun (HK/FR), Tyson Hosmer (UK), Anastasios Tellios (GR), Stefanos Vrochidis (GR), Georgakopoulou Nefeli (GR)

Zaha Hadid Architects (UK) Tyson Hosmer (UK)

MindSpaces Resident Artists

MindSpaces (INT), University of Maastricht (MU), Eina Idea (ES)



MindSpaces Consortium

Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas, University of Maastricht, Pompeu Fabra University, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, McNeel Europe SL, Up2Metric, Nurogames,Zaha Hadid Architects, Maurice Benayoun, Analog Native , Espronceda, e-Sèniors, The town of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat,The university of Hong Kong)


Maurice Benayoun

Refik Anadol

Artists in residency

Haseeb Ahmed, Sarah Derat, Emanuel Gollob, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, João Martinho Moura, Michael Sedbon