Expected Results

The final outcome of MindSpaces includes:

  • Introduce collective mind design
  • VR and EEG can be leveraged to use sentiments in human interaction in order to build better urban spaces
  • Provide enhanced 3D models of outdoors and interior spaces to industries that rely on them (i.e. architects)
  • Help architects build more functional and appealing interior and exterior spaces at architectural and urban scale
  • Improved architecture design tools that integrate feedback on emotional and functional aspects of design propositions
  • The platform will allow unified access and consumption of heterogeneous, tex- tual and visual content

Expected Impact

The main technical impacts expected from MindSpaces are listed below:

  • An innovative solution for neuro-architecture, which will be integrated into existing design systems and software products that architects (i.e. Rhino-3D) and VR (i.e. NURO engine) designers are accustomed to.
  • New methods for efficient extraction and categorization of digital art content.
  • New methods for the development of dynamically adaptive 3D-environments.

The main scientific impacts are the following:

  • SoA approaches for the analysis of EEG and physiological signal analysis for emotion recognition and behavior in the MindSpaces AR and VR immersive environments.
  • Development of adaptive 3D-environments by measuring level of activity and interaction in them throughvisual analysis of end users’ trajectories and actions.
  • Online adaptation of 3D-environments based on responses of users of the MindSpaces immersive AR/VR environments.
  • Novel methods for 3D reconstruction of outdoors and indoors environments.
  • Enhancement of the 3D-models with NLP-generated text information.
  • Semantic integration of multimodal sensor measurements for assessment of emotional, cognitive state.


Art-related technical impacts will include innovative techniques for the creation of artistic installations will also be developed by the creatives in MindSpaces, by integrating the multisensory neuro-feedback but also working with new materials and technological developments in the realms of AR/VR, 3D reconstruction, lighting, materials.