Public Deliverables

#Deliverable TitleDescriptionExpected DateDownload
D8.1Initial dissemination plan and communication materialThis deliverable comprises the design and setup of the project website, which will provide up-to-date information on intermediate and final project results. This deliverable will also present the initial dissemination plan of the project and the creation of the project’s communication material (project presentation, communication kit), which will be used as part of other dissemination activities.31/03/2019pdf
D6.1Roadmap towards the implementation of the MindSpaces platformD6.1 will provide the time plan for the development of the MindSpaces platform. It will specify the functionality of the modules that will be developed within MindSpaces and of the platform as a whole. In addition, it will provide
the specifications for the technical infrastructure and a detailed description of the resources needed to achieve the aforementioned functionality.
D2.4Design needs in architecture and urban scale and use case scenarios v1This deliverable will report the urban design needs that will be addressed in the pilot use cases, as well as the related user requirements. It will also include a short outline of the evaluation methodology.30/06/2019pdf
2.1Art in societyDescription of the scientific background supporting emotional and behavioral effects of art in society, and related ethical issues31/10/2019pdf
D7.1Use cases, requirements and evaluation planThis deliverable will describe an update version of the pilot use cases, as well as the user requirements with regard to the three pilot use cases. It will also include a short outline of the evaluation methodology.31/10/2019pdf
D6.2Technical requirements and architectureThis deliverable contains the technical requirements that will be taken into account during the implementation of the MindSpaces platform. In addition, it describes the functionalities that will be supported by the platform. The deliverable will also present the UI and UX prototypes that are going to be deployed for MindSpaces purposes. Finally, it outlines the system architecture that will be used for the implementation of the platform prototypes.31/12/2019pdf
D1.5Open calls to external parties v1Open calls
to artists and creatives will be disseminated in websites and social media before each prototype demonstration
(M6, M16, M28), so that they would be able to participate and contribute on MindSpace’s design process
D3.1Initial data collection from sensorsThis deliverable will report the basic techniques that have been used during the first months of the project so that the technical partners could collect the appropriate data for the implementation of MindSpaces use cases.31/05/2020pdf
D4.1Analysis of multimodal signalsThis deliverable will present the basic techniques for 3d-reconstuction of interior and exterior spaces, aesthetics extraction and texture generation and textual analysis.30/06/2020pdf
D6.3Prototypes and VR development v1This iterative deliverable will document the different development phases of MindSpaces platform and its architecture and VR tools. Each version will happen before each Milestone will give extensive details about the 1st, 2nd and final prototype of MindSpaces system and its tools.30/06/2020pdf
D8.3Report on standardization, dissemination and collaboration activitiesThis deliverable will present the first and second version of the project’s report on the undertaken standardization, dissemination and collaboration activities.30/06/2020pdf
D5.1Emotion recognition and behavioral understanding tools v1
D5.3Semantic and emotion reasoning tools for 3DSpaces adaptation v1In this deliverable will report the basic semantics and reasoning techniques that will be applied so as to integrate all the information from the analysis so as to create novel 3D-models based on the end-user’s emotions. This deliverable will also describe the reasoning tools that will be developed in MindSpaces so as to change the derived 3D-models in an online manner. These tools will be basically based on the uses’ emotional and behavioral changes31/07/2020pdf
D5.5Text generation tools v1This deliverable will elaborate on the basic tools that will be applied so that the end-users could have an augmented textual information during their VR experience.31/07/2020pdf