Emanuel Gollob

Vienna, Austria


Emanuel Gollob, born in 1991, is a freelance industrial designer based in Vienna. An important part of his work is the use of technical innovations, which are frequently repurposed and employed in an exciting way. He’s not interested in wholesale criticism or glorification of technical progress, seeing it as just a source of many-faceted tools for shaping our present and future. Working at the interface of art, technology, and society, his transdisciplinary activities provide insight into alternative scenarios of the present based on current innovations.

MindSpaces project

 For my MindSpaces project, I am connecting to PUC 2 – Inspiring Workspaces. I am especially interested in VR spaces, which use GAN machine learning models to change their parametric aesthetic with the aim to support Non-Task brain activity. Various studies propose a connection between these brain activities and work-related processes regarding creativity, empathy and well-being.
My motivation for focusing on Non-Task brain activity in the workspace context grounds in my interest in understanding the influence of living in a digital culture on our attention and non-task modes, as well as understanding how brain processes might be shifting parallel to digitalization and how brain processes could be supported by external visual stimulation.

Emanuel Gollob - MindSpaces residency artist
Emanuel Gollob. MindSpaces residency artist. WIP
Emanuel Gollob. MindSpaces residency artist .WIP

Emanuel Gollob Works

Doing nothing with AI
Doing nothing with AI
Robot. Doing nothing III