Michael Sedbon

Europe, Asia


Michael Sedbon is an Interaction Designer and artist working in Europe and Asia.

His work explores digital networked technologies and systems through their convergence with non-human intelligence (plants, unicellular organisms, insects, bacterias etc…) in regards to the Infocene problematics, seen as, our current cultural era where Information is the force having the biggest impact on human societies and environments.


He holds a Master in Interaction Design from the London College of Communication.

His actualize artist CV can be found here

MindSpaces project

 In regards to the anthropogenic problematics and its relationship to architecture, The work I am carrying as part of the Mindspace initiative focuses on applying agent-based simulation principles to non-human agents. By doing so, I propose two applications of these technologies.

First of all, the project highlights the need to consider the importance of using wildlife and ecosystem simulation in the process of large scale architectural planning and designs to allow for structures to blend with natural systems in seamless ways.

But also, it bridges the fields of non-human manufacturing with algorithmic design: by simulating insect behavior, it is possible to make use of a design framework allowing iteration on artifacts embedding interactive cues (such as attractants and repellents) for non-human agents.

The general goal of such a process is to consider materials designed with the purpose to be activated by interactions with non-human life forms (bacterias, plants, insects, etc…)

The project itself is a use case of this design scenario where a particular species of ant is performing programmable architectural assemblage of artificial leaves which structure had been optimised through a custom made design software.

It is therefore composed of 3 parts:

Design of the Artificial Leaf:

I aim to create an automated prototyping virtual world in which weaver ants will be simulated. The result of this simulation will be sent to a parametric CAD environment (McNeel’s Grasshopper) informing a new iteration of the design.

Manufacturing of the Leaf

Research regarding manufacturing of artificial leaves are currently being conducted.

A manufacturing robot is planned to be automating the process

Ants biology and manipulation

An experimental setup is being built to host the population of ants and to allow fast iteration process.

Michael Sedbon - MindSpaces residency artist

Michael Sedbon Works

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Alt-C. Michael Sedbon
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