Open Call

 MindSpaces is a 3-year research project financed by the European Commission STARTS/Lighthouse projects started on Jan 1th 2019. To encourage collaboration of research projects and artists STARTS funds ‘STARTS residencies’ of artists in technology institutions and of scientists and technologists in studio of artists. In this project, artists, scientists, architects, engineers and technology experts closely collaborate under a novel working model scheme to propose innovative designs to address societal challenges faced by cities as they expand, and the evolving needs in functionality and emotional resonance of modern day workplace and housing interiors. Art has the capacity to transcend established theoretical and conceptual frames and act in cross-disciplinary ways, as it provides space for what is called as ‘lateral’ thinking, that is to address issues with an ‘out of the box’ approach.

MindSpaces is looking for artists to develop, implement and assess art installations, in collaboration with researchers, in order to highlight the cultural significance of urban sustainability issues, as well as to offer potentially paradigm-shifting designs of indoor work and living environments.
The project proposed by the applicants should be connected with one of the following use cases of the MindSpaces project.
-Outdoors urban environment
-Inspiring Workplaces
-Emotionally-sensitive functional interior design
The residency is open to artists of all types and experience, but preference will be given to those whose practices have previously engaged with science, emerging technologies, and/or interactive installations, AR/VR installations, architectural design and art in public spaces. The call is open to anyone worldwide and there is no age limit.

Submission Deadline:

January 7th 2020

(Second Open Call)

An international jury will evaluate the artistic and technical content of the applications considering the design, technological concept and concept as well as professional background.
Successful applicants will receive a lump sum of 40.000 euros max for duration of maximum 12 Months, that includes travel and material budgets.
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Second Call is now closed! Thank you for your interest.