Maurice Benayoun & Tobias Klein


 Maurice Benayoun started working with VR in 1993, exhibited the “Big Questions” in 1994, “The Tunnel under the Atlantic” (VR installation Pompidou Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art Montreal in 1995). Since that time he has been working with interactive exhibition design, Augmented Reality (Hanover World Expo 2000). He started his work on Mechanics of Emotions in 2005, exhibited in more than 10 different countries and more recently “Brain Factory” (EEG, Real Time CG Graphics, AI, 3D Printing) (since 2016, Paris, Seoul, Brisbane, Laval, Hong Kong). Working on Urban Media Art since 2002, he has been in charge of the Open Sky Project, on the biggest urban media screen in the world (ICC Tower HK, 77 000 sqm) since 2016. He developed the concept of Critical Fusion, a mix of Fiction and Reality in the urban space, Extended Relativity (published papers on Relativity theory applied to subjectivity in the urban space (together with his homonym Maurice Benayoun, Nuclear Physics scientist). He will collaborate with Tobias Klein, German architect and artist working with 3D printing and algorithmic design and with Jean-Baptiste Barrière, international composer, former director ofresearch and education at IRCAM. He has received more than 20 international awards.


Professor Maurice Benayoun

Artist, MoBen

Jean-Baptiste Barrière