up2metric P.C.

u2m, Athens, Greece,     www.up2metric.gr

up2metric Private Company is an SME that develops innovative custom software solutions and provides consulting engineering services in the fields of Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Metrology. up2metric as a service provider specializes in data capture from multiple terrestrial, airborne or satellite sensors (RGB, thermal, multispectral/hyperspectral, depth), data processing and analysis of extractedinformation. One of the company’s main goals is to transfer state of the art knowledge from academia to the market. In this context up2metric develops custom B2B software, based on key enabling technologies such as 3D computer vision, image processing, machine learning, AR/VR, Drones and 3D printing. up2metric is active in the following sectors: Geospatial, Industrial Metrology & Automation, 3D surveying, Construction, Precision Agriculture and Real Estate and has carried out successfully commercial projects on: 3D Mapping by means of UAVs and mobile mapping platforms, Infrastructure Inspection, Ship Inspection, Cultural Heritage Recording,GIS and BIM. up2metric’s main research interests include image-based 3D modelling (Structure-from-Motion, Stereo-Reconstruction), 3D scanning by means of different technologies (laser scanners, RGB-D sensors, structured light), Pattern Recognition via Deep Learning techniques, hyperspectral and multispectral sensor data processing and analysis, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping and Sensor Calibration. up2metric is part of Attica Technology & Science Park “Lefkippos” at the National Centre for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS”.


Stentoumis Christos

Cofounder of up2metric P.C.

Surveying Engineer (Dip. Surveying Engineer NTUA), PhD Candidate at NTUA

Ilias Kalisperakis

Cofounder of up2metric P.C.

Dr. Surveying Engineer (PhD, Dip. Surveying Engineer NTUA)

Lazaros Grammatikopoulos

Scientific Advisor at up2metric P.C., Assistant Professor at UNIWA

Dr. Surveying Engineer (PhD, Dip. Surveying Engineer NTUA)

Andreas El Saer

Engineer at up2metric P.C.

Surveying Engineer (Surveying Engineer UNIWA), MSc Computer Graphics (UNIWA)

Theodor Mandilaras

Junior Developer at up2metric P.C.

Computer Scientist (Department of Informatics & Telecommunications NKUA)

Stavroula Bourou

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer at up2metric P.C.

Surveying Engineer (Dip. Surveying Engineer NTUA), MSc Geodesy and Geoinformation Science (TU Berlin)