School of Creative Media,

City University of Hong Kong

 Hong Kong, SAR,

SCM is the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong. CityU was established in 1984 with support from the University Grants Committee of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. CityU offers professional education that prepares its students for the challenges and exciting opportunities opening up in Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the world in business, science and engineering, energy and environment, law, creative media and social sciences. Through its extensive links with relevant industries, CityU provides real-life opportunities for students to learn from bachelor degrees and postgraduate studies to associate degrees and continuing education. In addition, CityU sees research as one of the key elements in its strategy to become a leading university in the region. The University concentrates its resources to achieve excellence in selected areas of research, and focuses on applied research with direct local and regional relevance.

In recent years, CityU has performed strongly in university rankings and is currently among the top 10 in Asia and the 55 in the world QS ranking. It is a fast-growing institution with 20,000 students, including 6,500 postgraduate students, and about 1,000 academic staff in science and engineering, business, creative media, law, the humanities and social sciences, energy and environment, and veterinary medicine.

The School of Creative Media is Asia’s leading school in digital media arts and creative technologies. Ourinternationally renowned faculty work at the intersection between art, technology, education, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. The research program of the School is organized around the Center for Applied Computing and Interactive Media under the leadership of Professor Jeffrey Shaw and Dean Richard Allen, which is an incubator for new forms of digital creativity and technology innovation funded though individual and collaborative research grants. We sponsor a series of major conferences including the forthcoming Art Machines: International Conference on Computational Media Art (Jan 4th-7th 2019). Current research focusses on the following activities:

Digital Preservation and Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Multiyear funded projects on a range of Digital Heritage Projects including Kung Fu Digital Archive, Atlas of Maritime Buddhism, and Confucian Rites.

Augmented Cognition Through Immersive Technologies. Empirical study of how AR/VR can better meet user’sneeds.

Interactive Technologies for Accessibility. Researchers work on improving mobile interaction, developing new interactive artifacts for children, and creating new technologies to alleviate the problems of the disabled.

Brain-Computer Interface. Novel art and design protocols are being developed based on neuro-feedback that results both in real-time shape generation and 3D printing of brain-generated forms.

Extended Reality Lab. A new research lab focuses on the development of novel augmented reality interfaces, wearable displays, prosthetics, and physical computing artifacts.

Gaming Lab. This lab researches gaming and e-sports.

Machine Learning Art. Research on the development of new forms of artistic practice that utilize machine learning protocols.

Blockchain Technology for Creative Industries. Interdisciplinary research on the value, use and development of blockchain technology in the creative and culture industries.

The research faculty affiliated with the center are Professor Jeffrey Shaw, Professor Maurice Benayoun, Professor Christian Wagner, Dr. Alvaro Cassinelli, Dr. Christian Sandor, Dr Ayoung Suh, Mr. Tobias Klein, Dr. Miu Ling Lam, Dr. Kening Zhu, Dr. Hongbo Fu, Dr. Hector Rodriquez, Dr. Thomas Laurenzo, Dr. Max Hattler, Professor Felipe Cucker, Dr. Olli Tapio Leino, Dr. Damien Charrieras, Dr. Daniel Howe, Dr Kow Yong Ming, Mr. Ip Yuk Yiu, Mr. Yim Chin Pang, Dr. Patrice Pujol, Dr Can Liu, Dr. Manfred Lau.


Prof. Benayoun, Maurice

Artist, Theorist, Curator


Artist, Architect,

Assistant Professor, School of Creative Media

Dr. Ag, Tanya Toft