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UPF-TALN, www.taln.upf.edu

 Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) was established in 1990 as a public university with a strong dedication to excellence in research and teaching. It is the one of the few Spanish university in the world Top 150 (Times Higher Education ranking – THE 2018), among the first 20 under 50 years (THE 2018) and among the first 10 among young universities in the world that progressed most quickly (THE 2015, Young Universities Summit). UPF is also ranked 1st in Europe (U-Multirank 2018) and 1st in Spain in teaching and research performance (U- Ranking, BBVA Foundation & Ivie, 2017). In MindSpaces, UPF participates through the Natural Language Processing Group (UPF-TALN) of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC). DTIC has an important track record of active participation and in EU projects, including coordination (a total of 66 FP7 projects and 10 other projects in non-FP7 program such as CIP, Ambient Assisted Living and the Lifelong Learning Program, and, up to now more than 20 H2020 projects). DTIC is the Spanish university department withthe largest number of ERC grants (15), forming also part of the FET Flagship initiative “The Human Brain Project”. It is the only Spanish ICT department that has been awarded the “Maria de Maeztu” excellence by the Spanish government for the quality and relevance of its pioneering scientific research, and as the top IT research concentration in Spain.

UPF-TALN (http://www.taln.upf.edu/) has been founded in 2005 by its current director Prof. Leo Wanner. During the thirteen years of its existence, it has gained widely acknowledged expertise in a number of areas in Natural Language Processing, including text analysis, content (concept and concept relation) extraction from multilingual material, multilingual text generation and summarization, and language resources acquisition. UPF- TALN has a solid record of coordination of and participation in large scale European and national RTD projects –among them MARQUIS (EDC-11258), PATExpert (FP6-ICT-028116), PESCaDO (FP7-ICT-249584), TOPAS (FP7-SME-286639), MULTISENSOR (FP7-ICT-610411), Dr. Inventor (FP7-ICT-611383), iPATDoc (FP7-SME- 606163), KRISTINA (H2020–645012–RIA), TENSOR (H2020-700024-IA), beAWARE (H2020-700475-IA), able to Include (CIP-ICT-PSP-2013-7/621055), and V4Design (H2020-RIA-779962).


Prof. Leo Wanner

ICREA Research Professor, UPF

Head of TALN Group

Dr. Simon Mille

Senior Researcher, UPF TALN

Dr Stamatia Dasiopoulou

Senior Researcher, UPF TALN

Prof. Horacio Saggion

Associate Professor, UPF

Dr. Jens Grivolla

Senior Researcher, UPF

Associate Professor, UPF