Zaha Hadid Architects

ZH, London, United Kingdom,

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) is a multi award winning architectural practice with over 30 years experience. With over 3,000,000 square feet of built construction and a further 17,000,000 square feet in design or construction planning Zaha Hadid Architects has expanded to 350 staff based in their London offices. In addition, they have site offices in Rome, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hamburg.

ZHA prides themselves on being in the vanguard of design culture and delivering innovative design solutions and projects that marry contemporary technology with the forefront of architectural thinking. They work in all design sectors and at all scales with an emphasis on culturally significant projects. From their studio in London, ZHA delivers projects around the world, working collaboratively with engineering specialists and local architectural practices. Their portfolio includes completed projects in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Within ZHA, the Computation and Design research group (ZH-CODE) operates as an in-house consultancy offering expertise in various areas related to architectural design modelling. The group was initiated in 2007 with the aim of harnessing opportunities latent in the inter-disciplinary collaboration of computationally literate architects, engineers and emerging digital manufacturing methods.

ZH-CODE endeavors to develop design methods that enable the exploration of spatial organization and articulation within the bounds of physical, economic, and ergonomic feasibility. ZH-CODE pursues this through the projects it engages, the prototypes it builds, and the network of research collaboration it fosters.

Within ZHA, the Agent Based Parametric Semiology research group focuses on the development of a computational framework for social crowd interaction modelling and analysis tied with the semiotics of designed architectural environments.


Patrik Schumacher

Architect, Principal Zaha Hadid Architects

Tyson Hosmer

Architect, Associate Zaha Hadid Architects

Head Agent Based Parametric Semiology (ABPS)

Shajay Bhooshan

Architect, Associate Zaha Hadid Architects


David Reeves

Architect, Senior Designer ZHA-CODE

Mathias Fuchs

Researcher ZHA-CODE